Mold Inspection Testing & Sampling

As an IAC2 certified company, Safety 1st Home Inspection performs mold testing and inspection. Our sampling and testing methods conform to all IAC2 mold sampling and collection procedures.

During the home buying or selling process, the value we provide our clients is accurately locating moisture intrusion that may lead to mold issues. Sampling/ testing areas of apparent mold growth let our client know exactly what types of mold are present and what the potential dangers may be.

If you are buying or selling a home and have a family member with mold sensitivities, you may want us to take air samples to determine if potentially dangerous mold spores are present. If you have found evidence of apparent mold growth, you may want us to take swab samples to properly identify the type of molds present.

Safety 1st Home Inspection is completely independent. We do not perform any type of mold remediation. Our clients have the peace of mind that comes from the understanding that we do not have a relationship with any company that performs mold remediation. There is no conflict of interest.

All of our samples are analyzed by Assured Bio Lab in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Assured Bio Lab is the only CDC ELITE Laboratory (#5001635) in East Tennessee as well as the only AIHA Accredited Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (#183867) in the area.