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Buyers Home Inspection


"On a good day we offer our client

peace of mind.

On a bad day we save them a fortune"



Why have thousands of home inspection

clients in and around Knoxville

chosen Safety 1st Home Inspection?


1) Experience: Over a thousand fee paid home inspections completed. I am a current member of Home Inspectors of Tennessee and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. I am also a current member of the board of directors for HITA, Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, the only state wide home inspection professional organization in Tennessee. When considering a Knoxville home inspector to inspect your property, be sure to ask the inspector about their experience.

2) Trusted: I work for my Knoxville home inspection client, not for their realtor. Home buyers need to know without a doubt that their home inspector has their best interest at heart. Knoxville home buyers need to trust that their home inspector doesn’t have any conflicts of interest, because of a business relationship. I have a great deal of respect for the real estate professionals that refer me to their clients. The agents that I work with understand that my legal and ethical obligation is to my client and their interests. I only ask for and accept referrals from real estate professionals that I trust.

3) Thorough: I don’t rush through my Knoxville home inspection process. I take all the time needed to completely and thoroughly inspect the property. Some home inspectors may “overbook” inspections and have to rush the process to get to the next job. I’m very careful about scheduling all of my Knoxville home inspections so I am sure to have all the time needed to perform a complete and thorough Knoxville home inspection.

4) Timely: I understand the real estate process. I also understand that you need your Knoxville home inspection report quickly. While getting that report to you quickly is important, so is accuracy. I have learned that I produce a much more accurate Knoxville home inspection report for my client when I take the time to return to my office and review my inspection notes and photographs before issuing your Knoxville home inspection report. Your report will be emailed to you usually within just a few hours. Always within 24 hours.

5) Variety of services: Safety 1st Home Inspection offers a full line of Knoxville home inspection services. Buyers general home inspection, Sellers pre-listing home inspection, Mold sampling and inspection, Radon testing, Lead paint testing, New home builder’s warranty inspections, Maintenance inspection, Light commercial and apartment inspections.

6) Value: You may be able to find a cheaper Knoxville home inspection, but you can’t find a better Knoxville home inspection for the price.  Warren Buffet said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” You can certainly pay less, but your value will be far less as well.

7) Honest: This you don’t pay for. My honesty is a value added benefit when you purchase a Knoxville home inspection from Safety 1st Home Inspection. Actually my honesty is a value added benefit when you deal with me, regardless of whether you hire me to perform your Knoxville home inspection or not. Talk about value.



Don't let a less experienced Knoxville

home inspector miss a serious

issue that could cost you money!

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